Master of Science in Engineering Management

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Master of Science in Engineering Management

An engineering management master's degree that combines your engineering knowledge with business insights to successfully manage an engineering or technology-focused company.

Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education

Program Overview
The Master of Science (MS) in Engineering Management is a graduate program combining the up-to-date technology of projects engineering with management skills to give working professionals the competitive edge in a fast-changing global environment. As an international hub of world class engineering projects, Dubai is the perfect place to undertake such a program. This concentration enables students to cover the dual aspects of being an engineering manager, both as a technologist and a business expert and will provide them with a thorough background in areas such as organizational behavior, finance, and accounting, as well as industrial engineering expertise.

Mission Statement 
The master of science in engineering management uses a blend of industrial and systems engineering courses, and courses from the Department of Business, to focus on management of engineering and technological business challenges. It combines technological expertise with managerial skills.

Program Educational Objectives 
PEO 1: System Integrators: Produce graduates who will draw upon broad knowledge to develop integrated systems- based engineering solutions that include the consideration of realistic constraints within contemporary global, societal, and organizational contexts.

PEO 2: Engineering Professionals: Produce graduates who will work independently as well as collaboratively with others, and demonstrate leadership, accountability, initiative, and ethical and social responsibility

PEO 3: Life-Long Learners: Produce graduates who will develop engineering management solutions using the skills and knowledge acquired through formal education and training, independent inquiry, and professional development

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge of Engineering Management Methods.

  • Demonstrate communication and other professional Engineering skills.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary issues in their chosen focus area.

Advanced Project Engineer, Engineering Leadership Development Program Member, Industrial Engineer, Internal Audit Analyst, Manufacturing Engineer, Mass Production Quality Engineer, Operations Management Leadership Program, Production Planner, Supply Chain Analyst, Systems Engineer

Engineering Management, MS degree, typical course sequence (semesters)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ISEE - 750 Systems and Project Management 3
ISEE - 752 Decision Analysis 3
ISEE - 771 Engineering of Systems I 3
ISEE - 773 Engineering Value Creation 3
MGMT - 740 Leading Teams in Organizations 3
ISEE - 790 Thesis 6
ISEE - 795 Graduate Seminar 0
Focus Area Electives 6
Engineering or Business Elective 3
Total Semester Credit Hours - 30


Engineering Management Electives (Select 3 Courses)

ISEE - 703

Supply Chain Management

ISEE - 751

Decision and Risk-Benefit Analysis

ISEE - 704

Logistics Management

ISEE - 752

Decision Analysis

ISEE - 720

Production Control

ISEE - 772

Engineering of Systems II

ISEE - 728

Production Systems Management

ACCT - 603

Accounting for Decision Makers

ACCT - 706

Cost Management

MGMT - 740

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

ESCB - 705

Economics and Decision Modeling

MGMT - 741

Managing Organizational Change

MGMT - 710

Managing for Environmental Sustainability

MGMT - 742

Technology Management

MGMT - 720

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

FINC - 721

Financial Analysis for Managers

MKTG - 761

Marketing Concepts and Commercialization

INTB - 730

Cross-Cultural Management

MGMT - 771

Marketing Research Methods

MGIS - 755

Information Technology Strategy and Management

MGMT - 760

Integrated Business Systems




Technical Engineering Electives (Select 2 Courses)

ISEE - 601

Systems Modeling and Optimization

ISEE - 730


ISEE - 610

Systems Simulation

ISEE - 731

Advanced Topics in Human Factors and Ergonomics

ISEE - 626

Contemporary Production Systems

ISEE - 732

Systems Safety Engineering

ISEE - 640

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

ISEE - 740

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

ISEE - 660

Applied Statistical Quality Control

ISEE - 741

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

ISEE - 661

Linear Regression Analysis

ISEE - 745

Manufacturing Systems

ISEE - 682

Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals

ISEE - 752

Decision Analysis

ISEE - 684

Engineering and the Developing World

ISEE - 772

Engineering of Systems II

ISEE - 701

Linear Programming

ISEE - 785

Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering

ISEE - 702

Integer and Nonlinear Programming

ISEE - 786

Lifecycle Assessment

ISEE - 704

Logistics Management

ISEE - 787

Design for the Environment

ISEE - 711

Advanced Simulation

ISEE - 789

Special Topics

ISEE - 720

Production Controls

ISEE - 799

Independent Study

ISEE - 723

Global Facilities Planning

ISEE - 608

Database Design and Implementation

ISEE - 728

Production Systems Management



To graduate, students need to complete all the requirements as listed in the curriculum. Click here for the graduation policy.

Click here to download undergraduate catalogue for complete descriptions of each course within the program.

Dr. Dua Weraikat

Assistant Professor

Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed


Green Vision Group

Ridah Sabouni

Managing Director

Energitics Incorporated

Sarfraz H Dairkee

General Manager Corporate
Dev. & Engineering

M.A.H.Y. Khoory & Co. LLC.

Bassel Anbari, P. E

Managing Director


Mohamed Eltaieb Ibrahim

Control & Projects Director

DC PRO Engineering L.L.C

Dr. Muawieh Radaideh


SEE Nexus

Saeed Al Abbar



Mr. Andreas Kolb

Co-Managing Director


Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud

Manager, Technology Improvements

Emirates Global Aluminium ("EGA"​)

Mr. Yousef Bastaki

CEO - Operations

Emirates Global Aluminium ("EGA"​)

Mr. Faisal Al- Kamali

VP for Facilities and Infrastructure

AD Ports

Ms. Amal Al-Masri

Department of Public Works/ Sharjah

Quality Management

Mr.  Musa Faisal

Operations Specialist

Emirates Airlines