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Research Fellow
Appalachian State University
Amy Walker

Amy Walker is a third-year student at Appalachian State University, where she majors in Sustainable Development, minors in Mathematics, and pursues a certificate in GIS technologies. Her degree program combines various natural and social sciences to understand the complex balance between social, economic, and environmental variables in sustainable systems. She hopes to use GIS technologies to analyze these factors in order to help cultivate a more just and sustainable future. Amy’s research interests include water sciences & systems, sustainable engineering, natural resource management, equitable development, and grassroots activism. She looks forward to pursuing these further in graduate school. After her education, she hopes to help solve issues brought on by global climate change through a career in academia, public policy, affairs, or engineering. In her personal life, Amy enjoys reading, running for really long periods of time, traditional-American folk dance, asking hard questions, and answering those with even harder questions.