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Research Fellow
University of Oregon
Julia Olson

Julia Olson is a third-year, triple-major in Spatial Data Science and Technology, Geography, and Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon. Originally from Stoughton, Wisconsin, she is interested in the nexus of long-term cultural, social, and economic sustainability and mapping. Specifically, using cartographic products to communicate information to wide and receptive audiences to aid in creating and enabling systematic and individual change. Furthermore, her interests include uniting the emergence and impacts of wide-scale global events due to climate change and our concepts of functional maps for those situations. She looks forward to pursuing these interests in graduate school. Currently, Julia works as the Waste Reduction and Reusables Coordinator at the Student Sustainability Center, developing and implementing programming and initiatives surrounding single-use plastic and tackling waste reduction and sustainability on campus. In her personal life, she enjoys biking, playing ultimate frisbee, making pancakes, and following the National Women’s Soccer League.