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NanoPower Research Laboratory

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Batteries, Conductive Carbon and Functional Nanomaterials

Nanomaterials Synthesis Lab

The primary function of this facility is to produce and process many of the nanomaterials used in the development of micropower devices in the NPRL. This facility is equipped with a Laser Vaporization Reactor for the generation of single wall carbon nanotubes, a chemical vapor deposition reactor for the production of multi-wall nanotubes and a variety of quantum dots and chemical/material handling facilities for precursor preparation as well as the purification and processing of the manufactured materials. In addition there are one, two and three zone atmospherically controlled Lindberg High Temperature Furnaces and a dual manifold 6' Schlenk line for additional nanomaterial synthesis.

Materials Characterization and Electron Microscopy Lab

This facility contains equipment that is directed towards the imaging and fundamental characterization of the nanomaterials manufactured and used in all of the labs. This facility contains several microscopes including a Hitachi S-900 High Resolution Near Field FE-SEM, Zeiss Digital Microscopic Imaging System, and a Nikon digital Nomarski microscope. A variety of spectrometers are available for use including a Perkin Elmer Lamda 900 UV-Vis-NIR optical spectrometer, Multi-wavelength Jobin Yvon Horriba LabRAM HR Raman Microscope and Photoluminescence spectrometer, and Jobin Yvon Horriba Fluorolog fluorescnent mapping spectrometer., and Photoluminescence Spectrometer.