About Our Lab

The Biomedical Modeling, Visualization and Image-guided Navigation laboratory at RIT focuses on the discovery and development of innovative imaging, navigation and visualization techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases through minimally or non-invasive approaches, conducting research across nine broad themes:

  • medical image processing
  • cardiac imaging
  • multi-modality image registration and fusion
  • modeling and simulation
  • 3D and stereoscopic visualization
  • augmented, virtual and mixed reality
  • instrument tracking
  • computer-assisted interventions;
  • image-guided surgery


Research summary

Our research interests focus on exploring the use of medical imaging to generate new paradigms for image-guided visualization and navigation for minimally invasive therapy. Cardiac interventions have been among the last disciplines to benefit from minimally invasive treatment techniques, mainly due to the challenges associated with access and visualization inside the beating heart. Our research endeavours encompass the integration of technologies (image acquisition, surgical tracking, visualization and display) with developed techniques (image analysis, modeling, evaluation and validation) toward the development, evaluation and pre-clinical integration of image guidance environments for surgical navigation of minimally invasive cardiac interventions.


Contact Information

Biomedical Modeling, Visualization and Image-
guided Navigation Laboratory (BiMVisIGN)
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Institute Hall (Bldg. 73) Rm. 3166
T: 585 475 4926
F: 585 475 4350
Rochester Institute of Technology
160 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester NY 14623