Undergraduate Students


Alexander Dawson-Elli

Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering (YR. 5), RIT

Bio: With a background in athletics as well as Engineering,  I am interested in understanding human movement patterns from a structural and neurological vantage point.

Research Interests: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, visual neuroscience and covert processing, mathematical modeling of gait.

Current project: Image guidance & navigation platforms in IGSTK and 3D Slicer; virtual (anartomy) visualiztion for teaching, training and simulation in medicine.


Michael Potter

Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering (YR. 4), RIT

Bio: Yes. Decidedly not mechanical. Will pass any Turing test queries sent to mjp2010@rit.edu

Research Interests: Leveraging AI research to generate emergent intelligence in nano-medicine. Eventual development of an artificial immune system. 

Current project: Developing augmented reality modules for use with 3D Slicer. Potential applications in computer- assisted surgery. 

Alexander Bensch

Undergraduate Student, Computer Engineering (YR. 5), RIT

Bio: born in Yardley, PA. Started working on computers around the age of 11 and loved it enough that I pursued it whenever I could. I ended up choosing RIT for its Computer Engineering program and now I'm pursuing my Masters degree in the field of robotics.

Research Interests: swarm robotics, quadcopter stabilization, and virtual reality.

Current project: Video augmented reality and computer graphics overlays