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Current Grants

Analyzing the Use of C-Print Mobile Technology in STEM Laboratory Settings across Multiple Postsecondary Sites

Supported by: 

National Science Foundation, Research in Disabilities Education

Project Description: 

This project implements and examines use of a C-Print prototype that displays captions on various mobile devices (e.g. iPad, Android Smartphone) to support communication access of deaf/hard of hearing students (D/HH) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) laboratory classes.

Project Goals: 
  • Expand the venues in which the service with the C-Print Mobile prototype software is used to several universities and community colleges, in addition to the Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Conduct experimental investigations to evaluate the extent to which the service aids student access, learning, confidence and STEM interests in lab classes at the postsecondary level. 
Project Activities: 
  • Trials with C-Print Mobile in STEM lab settings
  • Collection and analysis of information on student academic achievement, confidence, and STEM interests
  • Assessment of captioning accuracy
  • Observations of captionists’ and students’ use of C-Print Mobile
  • Interviews with instructors and captionists