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Mandate from Policy B2.0:
The Academic Affairs Committee shall be the educational policy committee of the Senate and shall formulate and review all matters related to educational policies and procedures, with the exception of policies that are in the purview of the ICC and Graduate Council.  The committee shall also serve as liaison with appropriate administrators and administrative bodies of the university.  The Academic Affairs Committee shall consist of the following: one faculty member per college, each to be elected by his or her collegial faculty; three members at large elected by the Academic Senate; and the provost or his or her delegate (ex officio, voting).

AY2015 AAC Charges
1.  Review Policy D02.0 and suggest revisions, as deemed necessary, to ensure compliance with MSCHE
     Accreditation Standards.

2.  Examine possible changes to the grading policy, including further refinements of the A and D grades.

3.  Re-assess D08.0, D18.0, and D18.1, in consultation with the Division of Student Affairs, regarding further
     revisions, to reflect needs such as (for D18.0) Title IX compliance  on matters of sexual harassment and
     sexual violence that have become apparent since new processes were implemented as of May 2013.

4.   Investigate the intended nature of the University Appeals Board, its functions and composition in current
      policy and implications for proposing policy revisions with regard to appeals in academic matters

5.   Evaluate and recommend changes to the stated policy for Research Center creation and review, particularly
      related to the Centerís responsibility to be transparent about requirements and decision making process for
      faculty affiliation as well as overall operation. Evaluate and recommend changes to the affiliation agreement,
      particularly where they relate to faculty plan of work, access to Center resources, and academic freedom.

6.   Investigate the effectiveness of the RIT Suggestion Box Program and its value-add to RIT.

7.   Continue to work with the Office of Legal Affairs and the Administration on the definitions for
      academic units.