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Academic Senate

Campus Environment Committee

Dennis Andrejko (GIS) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Reynold (Rennie) Bailey (GCCIS) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Steven Diehl (CIAS) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
James Fugate (Alt for NTID)   TBD
Amit Ghosh (KGCOE) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Lisa Greenwood (CAST), Co-Chair 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Andrea Hickerson (CLA) 2012-2014 (2nd Term)
Dominque Lepoutre (NTID) 2012-2014 (1st Term) Will have replacement for AY2013
Pat Newcomb (CHST) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Hossein Shahmohamad (COS) 2013-2014 (Completing J. Waud’s final year)
Jim Watters (VP of F&A) Open Term
Evelyn Brister (CLA, At Large) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Enid Cardinal, Senior Sustainability Advisor - Convener Open Term
Denis Defibaugh (CIAS, At Large) - Convener 2012-2014 (1st Term)
Christy Tyler (COS, At Large), Co-Chair 2012-2014 (2nd Term)
SCB Defers