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Mandate from Policy B2.0:

The Faculty Affairs Committee shall be responsible for policy recommendations concerning faculty tenure, rank, welfare, leave, and professional conduct; and shall review all policies and procedures concerning the extended part-time and adjunct faculty of the university. The Faculty Affairs Committee shall consist of eight members, each to be elected by his or her collegial faculty, one member of the educational development faculty elected by that group, one Dean elected by the Deans Council, three members at large elected by the Academic Senate, and the Provost or his or her delegate (ex officio, voting).

Charges for AY2017:

  1. Review the already-stated responsibilities of the different ranks and determine if it is appropriate for faculty at the rank of lecturer (contracted for one-year) to hold administrative titles. Based on the results of the review, propose wording for all appropriate policies (e.g. B2.0, E6.0), as necessary, that would provide clarification on this matter.
  2. Consult with RIT ADVANCE and consider RIT ADVANCE recommendations for further consideration by the Academic Senate.
  3. Investigate policies at peer universities regarding term limits for Department Heads, PhD Program Directors and Deans consider making recommendations for RIT. 
  4. Review Visiting Scholar policy E09.0 and determine whether the policy can be clarified and the process streamlined.
  5. Consider whether tenure and promotion policies should incorporate an individual's impact on diversity and inclusion as these issues are recognized in the hiring process but not in tenure and promotion.
  6. Complete revisions to Policy on the Discontinuance, Reduction or Transfer of Academic Programs E20.0, in concert with ICC to include removal of portions dealing with program review, placing it in D01.0. Ensure collaboration with ICC, who will subsequently revise D01.0 to include program review and discontinuance.
  7. Complete revisions to Policy on Assignment and Transfer of Tenure-Track Faculty E21.0 to address the consolidation of all aspects of transferring a program and faculty.
  8. Complete revisions to Policy on Financial Exigency E22.0, thus completing the review and revision of all E policies as part of the updating of university policy and procedures which began 5 years ago.
  9. Review policies Principles of Academic Freedom E02.0 (last review (LR) 2010), Oath of Allegiance (LR 2010) E03.0, Faculty Pursuing a Graduate Degree at RIT E19.0 (LR 2005), according to policy B05.0.
  10. Complete revisions to E06.1.
  11. Per policy B05.0, review policy E17.0 – Faculty Leave of Absence (last revised 2011).
  12. Consider a policy that : 
    1. formally acknowledges peer-reviewed Scholarship and peer-reviewed Scholarship of Teaching & Pedagogy produced by RIT Lecturers of all ranks and
    2. incorporates such acknowledgement in the annual merit review documentation and process.
  13. Review policy E6 VI.B and E6 VI.C for internal consistency.
  14. Review and propose clear guidelines regarding communication while a faculty member is placed on leave. This includes, but is not limited to, a timeline of ongoing association (including digital) of a suspended faculty member with the University.