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Mandate from Policy B2.0:

The Faculty Affairs Committee shall be responsible for policy recommendations concerning faculty tenure, rank, welfare, leave, and professional conduct; and shall review all policies and procedures concerning the extended part-time and adjunct faculty of the university. The Faculty Affairs Committee shall consist of eight members, each to be elected by his or her collegial faculty, one member of the educational development faculty elected by that group, one Dean elected by the Deans Council, three members at large elected by the Academic Senate, and the Provost or his or her delegate (ex officio, voting).

Charges for AY2016 will be crafted in the summer of 2016 and voted on for approval by the Academic Senate in Fall 2016.

Charges for AY2015:

  1. Investigate the potential of adding teaching responsibilities in the plan of work of administrators (Chairs/Heads, Directors, Associate Deans, Deans, Vice Presidents, Associate Provosts, Provost, President) in order to maintain first-hand contact with learning experience of RIT students.
  2. Review and edit as necessary the policies below:
    1. E04.0 Faculty Employment Policy
    2. E05.0 – Tenure – Clarify options for withdrawing from tenure review
    3. E06.0 Promotion - Review of NTT ranks – Option to Withdraw – Minimum Time between Promotions
    4. E06.1University Professor New policy
    5. E08.0 Search Policy on Administrators – Review
    6. E13.0 Faculty Salary Policy – review and consider findings/suggestions from the Advance group and in consultation with HR
    7. E14.0 Appeal Committee on Faculty Salaries, consider findings and suggestions from the Advance group and in consultation with HR
    8. E18.0 Professional Leave – Substantial Change in Scope of Proposal
    9. E20.0 Discontinuance of Academic Programs
    10. E21.0 Transfer of Tenure-Track Faculty
    11. E21.1 Evaluate the need for a new policy on Transfer or Elimination of Tenure-Track Positions.
    12. E22.0 Policy on Exigency
  3. Continue to work on the combination of the two related charges below:
    1. Determine the extent of faculty and student evaluation of chairs, associate deans, and deans. Are faculty given enough input into performance, and/or is faculty feedback adequately taken into account in these evaluations?
    2. Explore the idea of making deans and associate deans’ self-evaluation and plan of work available to the faculty of their respective college
  4. Consider exploring the potential for university-wide guidelines to help colleges determine appropriate voting rights for NTT faculty. The voting privileges of non-tenure track faculty are stated in B2.0 as “…vote on matters that fall within the purview of their rank and title as defined by E6.0 or specified by policy…”
  5. Explore and report on the hiring processes and use of adjunct faculty across the university.