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Academic Senate

Faculty Affairs Committee


Margaret Bailey (KGCOE) 2014-2016 (2nd Term)
Bob Boehner (SCB) 2014-2015 (Completing Mithu Dey’s Term)
Bharat Bhole (CLA) 2014-2016 (1st Term)
Mithu Dey (SCB) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Provost Jeremy Haefner or his delegate Open
Peter Lutz (GCCIS) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Doug Manchee (CIAS) 2014-2016 (1st Term)
Sue Provenzano (Assistant VP for Academic Affairs, Non-Voting Member) – Provost’s Delegate Non-Voting Member
Michael Radin (COS) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Charlotte Thoms (NTID) 2014-2016 (1st Term)
Maureen Valentine (CAST) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Kristen Waterstram-Rich (CHST) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Eric Williams (GIS) 2013-2015 (1st Term)
Jamie Winebrake (CLA Dean) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Jeff Pelz (COS, At Large) 2013-2015 (2nd Term)
Tom Policano (NTID, At Large) 2014-2016 (2nd Term)
Rajendra Raj (GCCIS, At Large) 2014-2016 (2nd Term)