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Academic Senate

Graduate Council Charges


Graduate work at the Institute shall be governed by the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate. The primary function of the Graduate Council, along with the academic deans, shall be to promote the development and maintenance of high quality educational programs at the graduate level at RIT and to see that the policies and procedures of the Institute are carried out effectively. It shall make proposals to the Academic Senate for graduate curriculum approval or discontinuance.

The Graduate Council shall study graduate curricular proposals from an institute-wide perspective, maintain appropriate Inter-college relationships with regards to curriculum, define the essential character of graduate study at the Institute, and continuously review existing graduate programs.

The Graduate Council shall consist of the following representatives: one from each College of the Institute, each to be elected by his or her collegial faculty; three members at large elected by the Academic Senate; the Dean of Graduate Studies (ex-officio, voting); the Provost or his or her delegate (ex officio, voting); and a Graduate Senator from Student Government serving as a Graduate Student representative. Each college representative shall be a voting member of the curriculum committee or committees of that college. Terms of these representatives excluding the Graduate Student representative shall be for three years, with the terms staggered so that approximately one-third shall expire each year. The Graduate Student representative shall be for a term of no longer than one year.

The Graduate Council shall be presided over by a Chairperson elected by the assembly of Graduate Council representatives with a term of no more than two years, normally. The Chairperson will be elected from one of the faculty representatives of the Graduate Council assembly. The Chairperson of the Graduate Council shall have the authority to call and chair regular and special meetings and oversee the Graduate Council functions.

  1. Review the role of the Dean of Graduate Studies in relation to Graduate Council.
  2. Continue the ongoing work of the Institute Ethics Committee and implement the recommendations made by the IEC.
  3. Review and recommend new programs as they are advanced by the colleges.
  4. Review policies and, where necessary, propose changes in connection with enhancing RITs emerging graduate culture in relation to academic governance
    • Review minimum number of Ph.D. research credits requirement.
    • Implement a U grade for research related work and update S and R grade policy accordingly.
    • Define advising roles as it applies to graduate students and define consistent terminology (e.g., mentor, Grad advisor, thesis advisor, professional advisor, etc.)
    • Complete a Thesis/Dissertation Quality policy.
    • Expand Glossary of Governance Policy (work with ICC towards this effort)
  5. Form a Graduate Industry Advisory Board with representatives from each College, MDS, and GIS.