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Academic Senate

Graduate Council



A Graduate Student from Student Government will serve each year on Graduate Council
and will be appointed by summer or early Fall 2015.

Carol DeFilippo (NTID) 2014-2017 (1st Term)
Hector Flores (Dean of Graduate Studies) Open Term
Joseph Hornak (COS), Chair 2014-2017 (2nd Term)
Deanna Jacobs (CAST, At Large) 2013-2016 (1st Term)
Christine Licata (Provost Haefner's Delegate) Open Term
Stephanie Ludi (GCCIS) 2014-2017 (1st Term)
SG Graduate Student TBD
John McCluskey (CLA) 2013-2016 (1st Term)
Jim Perkins (CHST) 2014-2017 (2nd Term)
Andreas Savakis (KGCOE) 2013-2016 (1st Term)
Marla Schweppe (CIAS, At Large) 2014-2017 (2nd Term)
Christine Shank (CIAS) 2014-2017 (2nd Term)
[Chris Jackson (CIAS Alternate),] - Will serve in Fall 2015
Tom Trabold (GIS) 2013-2016 (1st Term)
Linda Underhill (CAST) 2013-2016 (2nd Term)
Jayanti Venkataraman (KGCOE, At Large) 2013-2016 (1st Term)
Don Wilson (SCB) 2013-2016 (2nd Term)
Sean Rommel- Alt. for J. Venkataraman Had served Spring 2015