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Mandate from Policy B2.0:
The Inter-College Curriculum Committee shall study undergraduate curricular proposals from an institute-wide perspective, maintain appropriate inter-college relationships with regards to curriculum, assure that existing undergraduate curricula are periodically reviewed, and make proposals to the Academic Senate for undergraduate curriculum approval or discontinuance. The Inter-College Curriculum Committee shall consist of eight members, each to be elected by his or her collegial faculty, one representative elected at large by the Academic Senate, one representative from the academic deans, one representative from Student Government, and the Provost or his or her delegate (ex officio, voting).  Whenever a particular curriculum proposal is being considered in the Senate, the Dean(s) of the respective college(s) making the proposal shall be invited to be present and to speak.


Charges for AY2015:

Inter-College Curriculum Committee

  1. Work with the Honors program to revise Policy D01.0 to clearly outline curricular requirements and processes with regards to the Honors program.

  2. Consider the merits of implementing a transparent process in which comments on concept papers can be viewed by RIT community at large. ICC is encouraged to coordinate with Graduate Council as deemed necessary.


General Education Subcommittee

1.  Redesign the General Education portion of the RIT Course Outline form to reflect recent changes
     in the definition of General Education.

2.  Design a protocol for approving Special Topics and/or Independent Study courses as General Education.

3.  Update the GEC web site to reflect recent changes, and to clarify protocols.

4.  Consider new and revised courses that are put forth for designation as General Education.

5.  Consider new and revised immersions that are put forth for designation as General Education.

Institute Writing Subcommittee

  1. Monitor and report to Academic Senate on the implementation of the Institute Writing Policy.

  2. Identify meaningful practices for assessing Writing Intensive courses and facilitate assessment of Writing Intensive courses in Gen Ed and programs.

  3. Highlight University best practices in Writing Intensive course instruction.