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Mandate from Policy B2.0:

The Long Range Planning Committee shall prepare and review strategic planning initiatives of the university and review progress in achieving those goals. The Long Range Planning Committee shall consist of eight collegial representatives, each to be elected by his or her college, one member of the educational development faculty elected by that group, and three members at large elected by the Academic Senate.

Charges for AY2017 - 

  1. Review status of Strategic Plan as it pertains to faculty.
  2. Recommend what an appropriate level of paper consumption should be at RIT and compare our actual paper consumption with this level. If a significant gap exists, the committee should further investigate the root causes of the discrepancy and based on these root causes, make recommendations to bring us to the appropriate level of paper consumption.
  3. Investigate the impact on global sustainability (e.g. carbon footprint) of total meat consumption at RIT and make recommendations in line with RIT’s leadership in sustainability.
  4. Compare RIT against our benchmark schools regarding the extent of its Faculty governance. Make recommendations for evolving shared governance at RIT.
  5. Determine the state of gender inclusivity across the campus.