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Mandate from Policy B2.0:

The Long Range Planning and Environment Committee shall prepare and review strategic planning initiatives of the university and review progress in achieving those goals. It shall take into consideration the sustainability and the physical state of the university as it influences the academic mission and include any deficiencies and proposed initiatives in a report to the Senate.  The Long Range Planning Committee shall consist of one faculty member per college, each to be elected by his or her college,and three members at large elected by the Academic Senate.

  1. Prioritize the strategic plan from the perspective of faculty. Identify, through a ranking survey, the key difference makers that motivate faculty (to accomplish them). 
  2. Identify specific policies associated with tenure and promotion that either overlap and resonate with or inhibit progress toward difference makers and objectives from the strategic plan.
  3. Write a white paper and thereby propose an approach to perennially collect accurate data on the number of students graduating from programs for which there is at least one "sustainability" learning outcome.
  4. Write a white paper, with a cost/benefit analysis to propose a central searchable (data minable) university curriculum data base such that learning outcomes can be identified under certain criteria, towards more cost effective auditing of courses.
  5. Submit motion to senate that a Campus Master Plan Task Force be instigated.
  6. Identify specific tenure and promotion policies that either overlap and resonate with, or inhibit progress toward specific difference makers and objectives from the strategic plan associated with diversity, inclusion, race and gender equality.