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Academic Senate

Nomination Committee Charges

The charges for AY2015 will be posted once approved by the Academic Senate in September 2015.


The Nominations Committee shall consist initially of all Institute Council representatives who are also representatives on the Academic Senate and the immediate past chairperson of the Academic Senate (ex officio, non-voting). Any Institute Council representative willing to stand for election to the Senate's Executive Committee shall recuse him/herself from the Nominations Committee. The remaining Institute Council representatives shall then designate four of their number to serve as the Nominations Committee with the immediate past chairperson of the Academic Senate. The Nominations Committee shall then elect its own chairperson. The Committee shall be responsible for actively soliciting and receiving oral and/or written nominations directly from the Senate during the Senate's first meeting of Spring quarter. It will be responsible for presenting a slate of candidates during the fifth week of Spring quarter prior to the meeting of the Senate. Nominations will be accepted from the floor.