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COACHE is a research initiative that gathers benchmarking data on best practices for faculty recruitment and retention. In fall 2012, RIT participated the COACHE survey and we will repeat the process in 2015-2016. Visit the COACHE website to learn more, including results from the 2012 survey. Stay tuned for more information from the COACHE task force coming in early January.


OCT06Grants Exposed! MixerOCTOBER 06 2015, WAL - Wallace (05), 2nd Floor Outside Cary
OCT15Adjunct Community: Classroom Strategies for Professionals Who TeachOCTOBER 15 2015, WAL - Wallace (05), RADSCC Classroom 1st Floor TWC
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Faculty Grant Opportunities

Each academic year FCDS provides faculty with several opportunities to apply for grants. Three grants will launch in early October 2015: Faculty Mentoring Grants, Lecturers' Professional Development Fund, and College Collaboration Matching Grant Program. Read more here, and stay tuned for details!

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