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Destination Intersession 2015

Once again FCDS collaborated with partners across the university to provide workshops, panel discussions, and presentations to enrich and re-energize faculty.  You can still view the Destination Intersession Schedule here to see the many events including the Tiger Talks Faculty Showcase, where faculty, staff, alumni , grad students, and regional college faculty enjoyed 17 presentations and networked throughout the day.  If you missed Destination Intersession this year, don’t miss the opportunities to enlarge your world of knowledge in January 2016!



MAR16So, You Want to be a Mentor?MARCH 16 2015, 12:00pm CPC - Campus Center (03), 2610
When: 03/16/2015 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm.

So, You Want to be a Mentor? Panel Discussion

Join your colleagues for lunch, networking, and learning about being a mentor to other faculty! Experienced mentors will share strategies and rewards of participating in this enriching, valuable relationship. The panel will be facilitated by Dr. Patrick Scanlon (CLA) and will include past Excellence in Faculty Mentoring awardees and other experienced faculty mentors.


  • Bob Barbato, PhD, Professor and Department Chair, Management, IB & Entrepreneurship, SCB
  • Chris Collison, PhD, Associate Professor, COS
  • Kirsten Condry, PhD, Associate Professor/Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Psychology, CLA
  • Twyla Cummings, PhD, Senior Associate Dean, Acting Administrative Chair, and Professor / Media Sciences, CIAS

Read more about Faculty Mentoring @ RIT

"Mentoring is not just for new faculty. All faculty members can benefit from purposefully developing a network of contacts and advisors who can help them navigate different phases of their careers. Senior faculty who act as mentors find they are reinvigorated by working closely with newer faculty and supporting their success."

Hosted by Faculty Career Development Services.

MAR18Adjunct Community: Managing Student Behavior in Your ClassMARCH 18 2015, 5:30pm WAL - Wallace (05), 1540
When: 03/18/2015 at 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

Adjunct Community: Managing Student Behavior in Your Class

Get together with your fellow adjunct faculty for dinner and discussion on this important topic:

What do you do when you don’t understand students’ behavior or seemingly lack of effort ... or when you’re concerned about their health or safety? 

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Dawn Soufleris, RIT Associate Vice President for Student Behavior. Dawn will discuss what instructors face in today’s classroom and provide guidance and resources available to assist you when you have concerns or challenges. 

*This is a professional development and networking activity for RIT Adjunct faculty.*

5:30 Dinner and networking
6:00 Presentation: Managing Student Behavior in Your Class, Dr. Dawn Soufleris
6:30 Q & A, Discussion, and more networking!

Dinner will be provided!  Registrations MUST be received by Wednesday, March 11, 5 pm.

Facilitated by Tom Hanney, Sr. Lecturer, CMS, and hosted by Faculty Career Development Services, The Wallace Center.

Questions:  Tom Hanney,

To request interpreting services, go to:


MAR31Faculty: Communicating with Confidence - You Have To Give a Talk?MARCH 31 2015, 9:00am CRS - Crossroads (89), The River Room
When: 03/31/2015 at 9:00am - 11:00am.

Who really likes to stand up in front of peers and present? As professors, you are fairly comfortable with your students, but what happens when we are with others who may know more than we do about a topic? What if our goal is to persuade and convince them of an idea and need them to commit time, money, or resources? The stakes are high.

This session provides techniques on:
• Planning and preparing a presentation.
• Focusing a presentation so that it captures and holds the audience’s attention.
• Differentiating between need-to-know and nice-to-know information.
• Devising an interesting opening.
• Developing an effective platform presence.
• Using body language to create a positive reaction.
• Using your voice to convey authority and enthusiasm.

For questions, please contact Korine Sherry

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