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Immersions are a series of three related general education courses. The nine credit hour immersion requirement supports deeper learning within a focus area, and also provides opportunities for integrative learning through pedagogical approaches such as linked courses, team-teaching, and trans- and interdisciplinary experiences.

In many cases, an immersion can lead to a Minor with the addition of two courses.  All students need to declare an immersion, but minors are optional.  Please note that not all minors have a corresponding immersion and vice-versa.  Visit the university catalog for a complete list of all minors offered at RIT.

To declare or change an immersion, please use this form.

Contact List

Immersion Associated Minor (optional) Contact
Advertising and Public Relations (ADVPUB-IM) Advertising and Public Relations
Africa and the Diaspora (AFRICA-IM) Not Offered
American Arts (AMARTS-IM) American Art
American Politics (AMPOLI-IM) American Politics
American Sign Language and Deaf Cultural Studies(ASLDCS-IM) American Sign Language and Deaf Cultural Studies
Applied Statistics (APSTAT-IM) Applied Statistics Matthew Coppenbarger
Archaeology (ARCHAE-IM) Archaeological Science
Art History (ARTHIS-IM) Art History Sarah Thompson
Astronomy (ASTRO-IM) Astronomy Andrew Robinson
Biology (BIOL-IM) Biology: Cellular and Molecular
Biology: Ecology and Evolution
Rosanne Klingler
Chemistry (CHEM-IM) Chemistry Brenda Mastrangelo
Communication (COMM-IM) Communication
Creative Writing (CRWRIT-IM) Creative Writing
Criminal Justice (CRIM-IM) Criminal Justice
Cultural Anthropology (ANTH-IM) Sociology & Anthropology
Digital Literatures and Comparative Media (DIGLIT-IM) Digital Literatures and Comparative Media
Diversity in the U.S. (DIVUSA-IM) Not Offered
Economics (ECON-IM) Economics
English (ENGLISH-IM) English
Environmental Studies (ENVIST-IM) Environmental Studies
Ethics (ETHICS-IM) Ethics
Film Studies (FILMST-IM) Film Studies
Global Justice and Peace Studies (GLOJUST-IM) Not Offered
Globalization Theory (GLOBALT-IM) Not Offered
Health and Culture (HEALTH-IM) Not Offered
History (HISTORY-IM) History
Human Language Technology and Computational Linguistics (HLTCL-IM) Not Offered
International Relations (INTLREL-IM) International Relations
Journalism (JOURNAL-IM) Journalism
Language Science (LANGSCI-IM) Language Science
Latino/Latina/Latin American Studies (LATINST-IM) Latino/Latina/Latin American Studies
Legal Studies (LEGAL-IM) Legal Studies
Liberal and Medical Arts (LIBMA-IM) Not Offered
Linguistic Anthropology (LNGANTH-IM) Not Offered
Literature (LIT-IM) Not Offered
Mathematics (MATH-IM) Mathematics
Modern Languages and Cultures - Arabic ARABIC-IM) Modern Language - Arabic
Modern Languages and Cultures - Chinese (CHINESE-IM) Modern Language - Chinese
Modern Languages and Cultures - French (FRENCH-IM) Modern Language - French
Modern Languages and Cultures - German (GERMAN-IM) Modern Language - German
Modern Languages and Cultures - Italian (ITALIAN-IM) Modern Language - Italian
Modern Languages and Cultures - Japanese (JAPAN-IM) Modern Language - Japanese
Modern Languages and Cultures - Portuguese (PORTUGE-IM) Modern Language - Portuguese
Modern Languages and Cultures - Russian (RUSSIAN-IM) Modern Language - Russian
Modern Languages and Cultures - Spanish (SPANISH-IM) Modern Language - Spanish
Museum Studies (MUSEUM-IM) Museum Studies
Music (MUSIC-IM)

Music and Technology
Music Performance
Native American Science and Technology (NATECH-IM) Not Offered
Philosophy (PHIL-IM) Philosophy
Physics (PHYSICS-IM) Physics Dawn Hollenbeck
Psychology (PSYC-IM) Psychology
Public Policy (PUBPOL-IM) Public Policy
Religious Studies (RELST-IM) Not Offered
Science and Technology Studies (SCITEC-IM) Science, Technology, and Society
Science of Film, Photography, and Imaging (SCIMGS-IM) Not Offered Stephanie Lenhardt
Social Inequalities (SOCINEQ-IM) Not Offered
Text and Code (TEXTCD-IM) Not Offered
Theater Arts  (THEATR-IM) Not Offered
Urban Studies (URBANST-IM) Urban Studies
Visual Culture (VISUALC-IM) Visual Culture
Women's and Gender Studies (WGST-IM) Women's and Gender Studies