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General Education is RIT’s signature curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences, with an impact on all students and programs.

In accordance with RIT’s mission, General Education requirements establish the foundation for students to find success in their chosen fields, while preparing students to pursue lifelong learning and contribute to society as well-educated and knowledgeable citizens.

The General Education curriculum

Provides the opportunity to improve crucial skills, such as writing, ethical reasoning, scientific inquiry, and global awareness

Complements and supports each student’s program

How it Works

The General Education framework intentionally progresses through two educational phases designed to give students a strong foundation in communication and critical thinking:

  1. First, students establish breadth, starting with the First Year Writing course and a series of courses called Perspectives that demonstrate different ways of learning about the world.
  2. Next, students explore a discipline or theme in depth, pursuing integrative learning experiences through an Immersion in a series of related courses.