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The Office of Graduate Studies is here to help faculty and graduate students succeed in their programs of study, research and creative endeavors. We also look forward to helping graduate students develop novel partnerships among ourselves as well as with the community and the private sector. Throughout the year, our office sponsors workshops on career preparation, teaching and grant writing for both students and faculty.

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Graduate Survey In Progress

If you are a graduate student at RIT please take the Office of Graduate Studies Graduate Student Survey.  This survey will be used to help make your experience here at RIT even better. 

Help youself and the future of all RIT graduate students. 

All Graduate student except for Ph.D. students should take this survey

All Ph.D. Students should take this survey


Thank you to everyone who has already responded to the 2015 Graduate student survey. 

We appreciate the time you have taken and the many thoughtful comments on how to improve  the Graduate student experience.

We are offering the following incentive: the Graduate program and Ph.D Program with the highest response rate, will get a free pizza and beverage party, courtesy of our office.

Please encourage your fellow students to participate in this friendly competition so we can continue to build a strong graduate education community at RIT.


Response rate of survey as of May 5, 2015



2015 Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking Spring Lecture

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Critical Thinking, College Experiences and Transitions to Adulthood: Lessons from Aspiring Adults Adrift"

Speaker - Dr. Richard Arum, Professor of Sociology and Education, New York University

Special Respondent - Dr. Daniel F. Chambliss, Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Hamilton College



Research, Translation, World-making:

A Graduate Salon on Reading Across the Disciplines

(a collaboration between the Department of Philosophy and the Office of Graduate Studies)

February 19, March 5 and 19, April 9, 23 and 30

5-7 p.m.

RIT Global Constellation Commons for Global Learning

Global Village Bld. 400, Room 2055 (above the Cantina and Grille)

Registration limited to 30 Students

You do not have to attend all 6 salons to participate.  Please register your interest in attending the series here.  You will be sent reminders for each of the meetings.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of Library”  Jorge Luis Borges


Trinity College Library, Dublin

Trinity College Library, Dublin

Academic disciplines draw boundaries and make worlds.  Some are computational worlds, some are invented and fictional, some are naturalistic—chemical or biological - worlds, and some are social and political.  To do research is to cross boundaries and to engage in a kind of translation that helps us make sense of how these different worlds relate.   Disciplines need to be in conversation with each other.  In whose language and by reference to whose world(s) should such a conversation take place?  

This salon is to open to any graduate student from any field who is interested in a conversation about how disciplines make worlds, and about the kinds of translation that allow worlds to talk constructively to each other.

The conversation will begin with a short story by the writer Jorge Luis Borges (see below), who excelled in synthesizing elements of literature, philosophy, science and even mathematics into his writing..  We will meet every two weeks during Spring 2015 to discuss readings related to the salon’s general theme. RIT faculty colleagues across the disciplines will join the discussions.

Increasingly, creative problem-solving requires that science and art be in conversation, that discovery and invention be connected, that natural and computational systems work together, that different modes of representation—natural, aesthetic, and mathematical—interact coherently with each other.  In effect, we are all inevitably caught in translation. With your participation, the salon will re what this means for transdisciplinary conversation, research and world-making at RIT.

For more information, contact Hector Flores; or Timothy Engstrom

Link to register:

Registration deadline: Extended to February 13th

Meeting dates and time: February 19, March 5 and 19, April 2, 16 and 30 ~ 5-7 p.m.

Location: RIT Global Constellation Commons for Global Learning ~ Global Village Bld. 400, Room 2055 (above the Cantina and Grille)

Initial Reading: The Library of Babel, by Jorge Luis Borges



Thank you for everyone who came out for the 7th annual Graduate Research and Creativity Symposium.

It was a great success!

The following Awards were given to students. 

Poster Presentation Awards  $200 Each

Ryan M Bowen, Systemic Health Evaluation of Radio Frequency Power Generators Using Gaussian Mixture Models

Jam Sadiq, Upper-mass Limit of Very Massive Stars

MFA Presentation Awards $250 each

Ihab Mardini, CIAS, Plastic Glory

Patrick Kana, CIAS, Symbiosis of Natuarl Form and Material

Ph.D. Presentation Awards $250 each

Gordon Werner, CIS, Hardware Efficient Authenticated Encryption

Mustafa Koz, COE, Effect of Injection and Suction on the Interfacial Mass Transport Resistance in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Air Channel

Honorable Mention Presentation Awards $100 Each

Brennan Ireland, COS, Binary Black Hole Inspirals: The Hybrid Metric with Spin

Steven Barber, CIS, Initial Assessment of Microbial Fuel Cells For the Treatment of Tofu Processing Waste



Remember to come by our office for a free cup of coffee and an amazing study space with the best view on campus. 


Are you getting ready to submit your final Thesis? 

This page contains all the current information needed to properly submit your thesis/dissertation to the library in partial fulfillment of graduation requirements.


To read more important information and about upcoming events check out

Assistant Dean Rauncie Ryan's Blog






Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan for Graduate Education at RIT: Innovative Student-Centered Excellence with global relevance.


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