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The Office of Graduate Studies is here to help faculty and graduate students succeed in their programs of study, research and creative endeavors. We also look forward to helping graduate students develop novel partnerships among ourselves as well as with the community and the private sector. Throughout the year, our office sponsors workshops on career preparation, teaching and grant writing for both students and faculty.

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Upcoming Events


Graduate Student Success Workshop Series presents

Graduate Thesis: The Endgame!

Monday Nov 3rd  Biblab 3rd Floor of the Library - 3-4 p.m.

This workshop is geared toward those graduate students planning to defend a thesis or dissertation in December or May.   Library staff members will lead the workshop informing you of the requirements for submitting print and electronic copies of your final work.  They will discuss how and where to submit in print and electronically as well as where your electronic work will be available for the world to view and download! They will also discuss how to apply for an embargo of your work if necessary.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions about title pages, signatures, abstracts, costs, editing, and general guidelines.  Attending this workshop will help you understand all the steps in the process and will make a very stressful time in your graduate career proceed smoothly.  Register Here



Ph.D. in Computing and Information Sciences Info Sessions for Fall 2014 Click here for more information


T.A. Workshops

The Office of Graduate Studies will be offering a series of workshops for those students who are working as Teaching Assistants or who are interested in being a Teaching Assistant in the future

If you are interested in attending this series please sign up here for emails on the upcoming workshops


To read about upcoming events check out

Assistant Dean Rauncie Ryan's Blog






Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan for Graduate Education at RIT: Innovative Student-Centered Excellence with global relevance.


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