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"Faculty Need Love, Too!” Faculty Coffee Open House a Resounding Success

Monday, May 15, 2017

At the end of the academic year, lots of love and attention is given to students, and rightly so. But Faculty Career Development (FCD) in The Wallace Center decided to show faculty that they are loved and appreciated, too! On Wednesday, May 10, 120 RIT faculty, representing most colleges, received that love through free coffee and refreshments, leading to relaxed and open conversation. FCD’s simple purpose: provide a place for faculty to take a break from giving and grading exams and projects. FCD’s invitation to all faculty: “There is no agenda or registration – just come if you can.” And faculty came! TWC library college liaisons were on hand, along with FCD staff to greet, mingle and chat with faculty.

Faculty comments confirmed this was a big hit: “Faculty need a break, too, thank you!” “I love this – keep doing it.” “We would love. a faculty lounge to do more of these activities. There is nowhere for faculty to meet and congregate.” “You are such a wonderful resource to have!” “Great to see faculty from other colleges.” Linette Koren, library liaison to KGOCE, GIS and SET/CAST, not only personally encouraged her faculty to attend, but was able to sit and chat with them. She showed a new resource she had purchased and said the group enjoyed a good conversation about engineering ethics and the recent MicroE conference held at RIT. CLA foreign language faculty met and conversed with an Oklahoman, an engineering professor from Peru, and a professor currently taking a Spanish class. NTID was well represented as Joan Naturale, library liaison to NTID, enjoyed a relaxed time talking with her faculty as they shared updates.

As FCD saw and heard that this event fulfilled a tangible need for faculty, they already have plans under way to host a faculty coffee several times a year.