RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology

Greater Expectations

selection committee

The PLIG 2015 application selection committee includes representatives from RIT’s major colleges and institutes.

Neil Hair (chair), Executive Director, Innovative Learning Institute, and Saunders College of Business

Dennis Andrejko, Head, Department of Architecture; Interim Head Department of Sustainability, Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Chris Booth, Associate CIO, Information and Technology Services

Paul Craig, Professor, College of Science

Richard Doolittle, Professor and Vice Dean, College of Health Sciences and Technology

John Edlund, Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts

Mike Floeser, Lecturer, Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Surendra Gupta, Professor, Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Ann Hager, Associate Professor, National Technical Institute for the Deaf and Saunders College of Business

Thomas Lightfoot, Associate Professor and Chair, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences

Mike Slifka, Senior Lecturer, College of Applied Science and Technology