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For a complete review of Dimension Three Difference Makers and Objectives, visit the Dimension Three section of the full Strategic plan website. The content below reflects Academic Affairs task forces and progress.

DM III.5 Largest Producer of STEM graduates

RIT will be the largest producer of female, minority male, and deaf or hard-of-hearing STEM graduates among all private colleges in the U.S.

DM III.6 Achievement Gap

RIT will eliminate the achievement gap between minority and majority students, becoming a model of inclusive excellence for all students, faculty, and staff.

DM III.7 Inclusive excellence

RIT will become a model of inclusive excellence for all faculty and staff in the areas of professional development and promotion.

DM III.8 Inclusive Excellence in Performance and Promotion

RIT’s core values of diversity and inclusion will be reflected in performance and promotion assessment at all levels and in all functions of the university.

DM III.10 Marketing

RIT will initiate a comprehensive marketing campaign to make all current and potential stakeholders and higher education at large fully aware of the university’s extraordinary history, its unique character, and its exceptional record of success.