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Getting ready for Intersession 2015 Spring 2014 communication to colleges.
Intensive Course Approval Process Flowchart Steps and documents needed to offer a three-week intensive learning course.
Intensive Course Design – Weekly Course Plan A planning tool to help faculty develop an intensive-learning course. This document is required as part of the documentation needed to approve a new intensive-learning course.
Sample Intensive Course Design – Weekly Course Plan A completed Intensive Course Design – Weekly Course Plan document for a course offered in January 2014.
Identifying Intersession Courses A discussion of what credit hours mean and kinds of courses we may want to consider for the intersession term.
Characteristics of Intensive Learning Courses and Student Expectations This document may help faculty design and develop an intensive-learning course. It may also help department and college curriculum committees evaluate intensive-learning course proposals.
Intersession 2014 Course Evaluation Results A course evaluation survey was shared with those students that took a January 2014 intersession course. This document summarizes the results of that survey.
RIT Intersession Pioneers 2014: Lessons Learned What our faculty learned teaching Intersession 2014.
Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in an Intensive Course This document may help faculty choose and implement effective pedagogies suitable for intensive-learning environments, and develop tools to assess course outcomes.