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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Erin Aaron
Erin Aaron Staff Assistant
Packaging Science
(585) 475-2278
GOL 1105
Kathleen Alhart
Kathleen Alhart Office Manager
Electrical, Computer & Telecom Engineering Technology
(585) 475-2980
ENT 2110
Yanelys Alvarado
Yanelys Alvarado Staff Assistant
Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology
GOL 1165
Natalie Anderson
Natalie Anderson Director of Development, CAST & GIS
CAST Dean's OFfice
EAS 4230
Jackie Anderson, Ph.D.
Jackie Anderson, Ph.D. Lecturer
Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology
GOL 1337
Rosemary Andolina
Rosemary Andolina Financial Analyst
CAST Dean's Office
ROSS 1128
Martin Anselm, Ph.D.
Martin Anselm, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Director CEMA
Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering technology
SLA 1518