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Faculty & Staff Directory

We enroll approximately 1/5 of all students at RIT!
Deanna Jacobs
Deanna Jacobs Packaging Program Chair
Packaging Science
(585) 475-6801
1127 Golisano
James Jacobs, Ph.D.
James Jacobs, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer
Department of Service Systems
(585) 475-6017
1188 Ross
Cpt Mark Janvier
Cpt Mark Janvier Assistant Professor of Military Science
Daniel P. Johnson
Daniel P. Johnson Packaging Science Department Chair
Packaging Science
(585) 475-4942
1121 Golisano
William P. Johnson, J.D.
William P. Johnson, J.D. Professor, Graduate Program Director
Electrical, Computer & Telecom Engineering Technology
(585) 475-2140
2158 ENT