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Faculty & Staff Directory

We enroll approximately 1/5 of all students at RIT!
Jill MacBeth
Jill MacBeth Scheduling Officer
CAST Dean's Office
Ross 1121
Eldred Majors
Eldred Majors Lecturer
Electrical, Computer & Telecom Engineering Technology
(585) 475-4728
1349 Golisano
Nykki Mathews
Nykki Mathews WIT Program Assistant
CAST Dean's Office
GOL 1377
Jennifer Matic, Ph.D.
Jennifer Matic, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Department of Service Systems
Ross 1176
Drew Maywar, Ph.D.
Drew Maywar, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Electrical, Computer & Telecom Engineering Technology
(585) 475-2017
1369 Golisano
Sam McQuade, Ph.D.
Sam McQuade, Ph.D. Graduate Program Coordinator
CMS, CAST Tenured faculty-assigment outside of CAST
(585) 475-5230
2210 Eastman
Michael P. Medlar
Michael P. Medlar Senior Lecturer
Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology
(585) 475-4026
2486 SLA (78)
John Morelli, Ph.D., PE
John Morelli, Ph.D., PE Professor Emeritus
Civil Engineering Technology, Env. Mgmt & Safety
Lt Col Dizzy Murphy
Lt Col Dizzy Murphy AFROTC Commander
Air Force ROTC
Ross A241