Kelly Norris Martin

Kelly Norris Martin

Associate Professor
3200 Eastman Hall

Professor Martin earned her Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media at North Carolina State University where she developed a schema that graphically maps hierarchical relationships of visual research methods. She is currently a co-PI on two NSF funded projects examining the skills that help U.S. college students succeed and increase employer competitiveness. Martin investigates how designers and STEM faculty communicate (orally and visually). She is also working on a project to provide additional resources for faculty and students in courses with both a presentation requirement and deaf and hard of hearing students. Some of the resulting publications from these various projects are listed below: 

Positions Held

Assistant professor, 2011-

Courses Taught

  • Visual Communication
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Digital Design in Communication
  • Critical Practice in Social Media
  • Campaign Management and Planning
  • Copywriting and Visualization


Photonics and Optics Workforce Education Research (POWER)

Exploring Multiple Postsecondary Opportunities through Workforce and Education Research (EMPOWER)

Visual Communication course illustration site

B.A. in English and Music, John Carroll University; M.S. in Communication, North Carolina State University; Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media, North Carolina State University

Current projects
Martin, K. N., & Worrell. (2018, submitted) Investigating design principles and perceived visual proficiency. (journal in vis com field)
Worrell , T. Martin, K. N. (2018, submitted) Investigating a reliable measure of visual communication (journal in com field)
Leak, A. E., Santos, Z., Martin, K. N., & Zwickl, B. (2018, submitted) Meaningful Science and Engineering Practices: Contextualizing NGSS Practices to Reflect Authentic Use and Support Student Learning, (journal in Science Ed field)
Hora, M. T.,  Smolarek, B. B., Martin, K. N., Scrivener, L. (2018, submitted). Exploring the Situated and Cultural Aspects of Communication in the Professions: Implications for Teaching, Student Employability, and Equity in Higher Education. (journal in education field)

Martin, K. N., Gaffney, A. L. H., Leak, A. E., Nelson, J., Cervantes, A. T., Gardner, K. L., Clark, B. L., Zwickl, B. M. (2018). Spewing Nonsense [or not]:  Communication competence and socialization in optics and photonics workplaces. Communication Education, 67(4), 414-437. 

Leak, A. E., Santos, Z., Reiter, E., Martin, K. N., & Zwickl, B. (2018). Hidden factors that influence success in the optics workforce. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 14.

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Berube, D.M., and Faber, B., Scheufele, D.A., with Cummings,
C.L., Gardner, G.E., Martin, K.N.,
 & Temple, N.M.
 (February, 2010) White Paper: Communicating Risk in the 21st Century.
 Sponsored by NSF NIRT #0809470 – Applied Nanoscience: Public Perception of Risk
 and the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office.

Dannels, D.P., Gaffney, A. H. & Martin, K.N. (2008). Beyond Content, Deeper than Delivery: What Critique Feedback Reflects about Communication Expectations in Design Education. International Journal of SoTL, 2(2).

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