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Kelly Norris Martin

Assistant Professor
B.A. in English and Music, John Carroll University, M.S. in Communication, North Carolina State University, Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media, North Carolina State University

Professor Martin earned her Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media at North Carolina State University where she developed a schema that graphically maps hierarchical relationships of visual research methods. Her current research focuses on intersections of visual communication, rhetorical criticism and design and advocates for discipline-specific visual communication instruction in higher education. She and Ben Zwickl from RIT's Department of Physics were recently awarded a grant from the NSF to examine the transfer of math, physics and communicaiton skills of recent college graduates in the photonics workfroce. In addition to her work in visual research methods and visual communication instruction, she has collaborated to develop a theory of visual wellbeing as an alternative to visual pleasure as well as a theory of digital credibility with a focus on public relations blogs.


Assistant professor, 2011-

Current projects

Website evaluation and usability study for Rex Hospital, part of the UNC Health System in Raleigh, NC, as well as other health websites in the area. Study is being conducted with Dr. Melissa Johnson.

Martin, K.N. & Oswald, K. (2011). Visually representing threats within a material urban environment: Consequences of and Presentation in the New York State Communications Association (NYSCA) as part of the Urban Communication Foundation sponsored panel.

Martin, K.N. (2011). Visual Research: Introducing a Schema for Methodologies and Contexts. Paper to be presented at the National Communication Association Conference.

Martin, K.N. & Murdoch-Kitt, K. (2012). Advocating for a visual communication initiative across the curriculum. Workshop and paper planned for the International Conference on Design Principles and Practices.

Selected Publications

Gallagher, V. J., Martin, K. N., Ma, M. (2011). Visual Wellbeing: Intersections of Rhetorical Theory and Design, Design Issues. 27(2), 25-39.

Martin, K. N. & Johnson, M. (2010). Digital Credibility and Digital Dynamism in Public Relations Blogs. Visual Communication Quarterly, 17(3), 162-174.

Dannels, D.P. & Martin, K. N. (2008). Critiquing Critiques: A Genre Analysis of Feedback Across Novice to Expert Design Studios. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 22, 135-159.