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RIT Women Read

March 7th 5-7:30PM Reading Room, Campus Center

RIT faculty, staff, and students who identify as women will present their own creative works and/or works they admire from other women to express solidarity and mutual support.


Tina Chapman, Kijana Crawford, Taylor Goethe, Miriam Lerner, Chan. McKenzie, Lisa Metzger, Sharon Morgan Beckford-Foster, Megan Tornow, Ren vanMeenen, Laura Shackelford, Paulette... Read More

Creative Writing Awards

April 17 3:30PM, Reading Room, Campus Center

The Creative Writing Awards will be presented on Tuesday, April 17, 3:30-4:30pm, in the Reading Room in the Campus Center. This event will include faculty introductions, student readings, and refreshments.​

Distinguished Computational Linguistics Lecture

March 1st 12:30PM, GOL Auditorium (70-1400)

Dr. Saif Mohammad (NRC-Canada) will deliver the 2017-2018 Distinguished Computational Linguistics Lecture in the GOL Auditorium, followed by a reception in the GOL Atrium. Sponsor/co-sponsor: Language Science, CLaSP, and the GCCIS PhD Program.

... Read More

Signatures Magazine

SIGNATURES, RIT’s art and literary magazine, is a magnificent collection of the most interesting and thought-provoking student art featured in all forms: fiction/nonfiction prose, poetry, 2D/3D work, film/animation, and installation pieces.

Submissions are now open for the 33rd publication of SIGNATURES, which can be done through

For more information, check out our web site and like us on Facebook!

What is CLaSP?

If you're interested in computational linguistics, check out CLaSP -- the Computational Linguistic & Speech Processing Lab:

Recent News:

Undergraduate Writing Awards

The Department of English offers numerous awards for students. These awards include:

  • Creative Writing Awards
  • Language Science and Computational Linguistics Student Excellence Award Fund
  • Robert Root Endowed Award for Excellence in Literature
  • Kearse Student Honor Awards
  • Stan McKenzie Prize for Writing in the First Year


Please visit the awards page for more information.


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