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Digital Lit. and Comparative Media

Available 2013

This minor focuses on how digital technologies are changing the creation, reading, and analysis of texts. Students will explore a range of digital texts and media (such as interactive narrative, multimedia storytelling, electronic poetry, and Internet fiction) They will explore practical applications of Digital Literatures & Comparative Media in the cultural, entertainment, health, legal, educational, and technological industries.

Foundations course (choose one):

ENGL-210 Text & Code

ENGL-4XX Free Culture

ENGL-375 Storytelling Across Media

ENGL-315 History of Digital Literature

Technical skills course (choose one):

ISTE-382 Introduction To Geospatial Technologies

IGME-110 Introduction to Interactive Media

IGME-202 Interactive Multimedia Development

ENGL-481 Intro to Natural Language Processing

FNRT-356 Interactive Design for Museums

NMDE-101 New Media Design Imaging

NMDE-103 New Media Design Interactive I

NMDE-203 New Media Design Interactive II

Elective courses (choose three courses not already selected within categories above):

NGL-210 Text & Code

ENGL-4XX Free Culture

ENGL-315 History of Digital Literature

ENGL-375 Storytelling Across Media

ENGL-4XX Digital Literature Workshop

ENGL-403 The Novel

ENGL-410 Film Studies

ENGL-420 Science Fiction

IGME-520 Foundations of Interactive Fiction

ENGL-419 Literature and Technology

ENGL-421The Graphic Novel

ENGL-422 Maps, Spaces, and Places

ENGL-351 Language Technology

ENGL-481 Intro to Natural Language Processing

Advisor: Dr. Laura Shackelford, LBR-2116,