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Human Language Technology & Computational Linguistics

The human language technology and computational linguistics immersion provides exposure to computational linguistics and relevant language science course work. Students gain knowledge and practical skills in computational natural language processing and technical linguistic analysis, useful for analytics and modeling with language data and for developing, evaluating, and maintaining language technology software.

Did you know this about computational linguistics?

Computational linguistics is attractive for the job market and opens the door to corporate or academic opportunities. Besides giants from the tech industry, many other companies are also active in the language technology sector.

Required course:

ENGL 481 Introduction to Natural Language Processing


Two elective courses from this list:

ENGL 351 Language Technology 

ENGL 582 Advanced Topics in Computational Linguistics

ENGL 310 Introduction to Language Science

ENGL 482 Language and Brain


Example immersion sequence:

ENGL 351 Language Technology

ENGL 481 Introduction to Natural Language Processing

ENGL 582 Advanced Topics in Computational Linguistics



Dr. Cissi Ovesdotter Alm, LBR-2110,

Dr. Emily Prud'hommeaux, LBR-1317,

Job Posting: Tenure Track

This year, we are hiring for a tenure track position in Digital Writing and New Media Production. Check out the job announcement here!

Creative Writing Awards!

Join us on April 22nd at 4:00PM in the SAU Reading Room for our annual Creative Writing Awards! Writer David Schickler is our guest speaker, along with live readings from our CW award winners...

To submit your work for the CW awards:

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