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Language Science

The Language Science minor provides students with the knowledge of how sounds, structure, and meaning work in human language, and the skills needed to apply that knowledge in disciplines such as computing, psychology, interpreting, and engineering. Students are encouraged to pursue their individual career interests in language, from the relationship between language and culture to the cognitive underpinnings of language to the tools and methods powering language technology in artificial intelligence.

To complete the minor, a student takes fifteen semester credit hours distributed over five courses as follows:

Required core course

ENGL-310 Introduction to Language Science

Foundations course: one course in a foundation area is required

ANTH-220 Language and Culture: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

ENGL-351 Language Technology

MCLU-301: Psycholinguistics

Elective courses: any three of these courses are required

A beginning ASL or foreign language course

ANTH-220 Language and Culture: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

ANTH-285 American Indian Languages

ANTH-290 Language, Sex, and Sexuality

ANTH-305 Investigating Language Change

ENGL-351 Language Technology

ENGL-470 Evolving English Language

ENGL-481 Introduction to Natural Language Processing

ENGL-482 Science and Analytics of Speech

ENGL-582 Advanced Topics in Computational Linguistics

ENGL-584 Spoken Language Processing

MCLU-301 Psycholinguistics

MLAS-351 Linguistics of American Sign Language

MLJP-351 Languages in Japanese Society

MLJP-451 Structure of the Japanese Language

PHIL-414 Philosophy of Language

PSYC-331 Language and Thought

Special Topic or Independent Study if approved


Dr. Cissi Ovesdotter Alm, LBR-2110,

Dr. Emily Prud'hommeaux, LBR-1317,


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