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Language Science

The language science immersion prepares students in the interdisciplinary scientific study and analysis of human language. Language science is directly applicable to students interested in computing and media, human-computer interaction, brain and cognition, language acquisition, human health, interpreting, relevant branches of engineering, and policy studies. Students can complete the immersion irrespective of their skills in languages other than English. Besides a core course on linguistic principles, students can choose electives covering technology of language, philosophy of language, and language in culture and society. Electives allow students to customize the immersion to their interests and needs, with the support of a faculty advisor.

Students take Introduction to Language Science and any two of the other courses from this list. Please view the flyer to determine which classes are applicable to the immersion.

After completing this immersion, students can complete a minor in Language Science by adding two more courses.

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Dr. Cissi Ovesdotter Alm, LBR-2110,