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Our Minors are all about possibilities. Whether you like to write stories or poems, engage in good book, or interact digitally with the electronic media, you will find something that interests you. The English Department provides a wide range of offerings including courses in creative writing, global literature and film, language science. The Department also provides an opportunity to engage texts where technology and humanities meet in the analysis and creation of digital media. You will find a range that spans the full spectrum of English Studies and more.

Creative Writing

This series of courses offers students a practical, theoretical and historical understanding of the art and craft of writing nonfiction and fiction prose and poetry. The minor encourages students to use those skills and insights for interdisciplinary projects Read More…

Digital Literatures and Comparative Media Minor

Available 2013

This minor focuses on how digital technologies are changing the creation, reading, and analysis of texts. Students will explore a range of digital texts and media (such as interactive narrative, multimedia storytelling, electronic poetry, and Internet fiction) They will explore practical applications of Digital Literatures & Comparative Media in the cultural, entertainment, health, legal, educational, and technological industries. Read More…

Global Literatures and Cultures Minor

Available 2013

Global Literature and Culture attracts students interested in literature, travel, and cultural exchange. This minor appeals to students curious about different forms of world literatures and cultures, from epic poetry to contemporary film. The rich variety of courses invite students to participate in the cultural exchange of knowledge, preparing them for careers in the twenty-first century global marketplace. Given the diverse international backgrounds and training of our committed faculty, the students are offered an opportunity to explore their unique interests in the study of global issues. Read More…

Language Science Minor

Available 2013

The Language Science minor prepares students in the interdisciplinary scientific study and analysis of human language. The minor is directly applicable to students interested in computing and media, human-computer interaction, brain and cognition, language acquisition, human health, interpreting, relevant branches of engineering, and policy studies. Students can complete the minor requirements irrespective of their skills in languages other than English. Some courses in the minor include core linguistic principles, technology of language, psychology of language, and language in culture and society. Electives allow students to customize the minor to their interests and needs, with the support of a faculty advisor. Read More…

Creative Writing Awards!

Join us on April 22nd at 4:00PM in the SAU Reading Room for our annual Creative Writing Awards! Writer David Schickler is our guest speaker, along with live readings from our CW award winners...

To submit your work for the CW awards:

David Schickler's web site: