Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS)

Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS)  Established in 2000 as part of an Institute wide initiative to increase student retention and graduation, we serve all students at RIT regardless of ethnic background. We honor our original mission in the retention and graduation of African American, Latin American, and Native American (AALANA) students by extending our promise to all students representative of the multicultural diversity at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  

In order to help RIT meet its student retention goals, four areas drive the activity of MCAS. Each area of focus exposes MCAS commitments to academic excellence, mentoring, community development, leadership, and professional success. 

MCAS Scholars Program 

A high touch, intentional advising model consisting of a summer bridge program, mentoring, living learning community and curriculum and student development for RCSD Scholarship Recipients/Summer Bridge Program Participants. 

MCAS Excel Program 

All RIT students falling outside of the MCAS scholars program are identified as Excel program participants and will be provided seamless support by the MCAS staff and their college advisors to achieve RIT's commitment to increase graduation and retention.  

Programming Initiatives 

Fostering: Professional Development, Cultural Heritage months, Celebrations, Partnerships with student clubs and organizations.  

RIT Rochester City Scholars Program 

MCAS provides support to RCS students in the form of a structured program comprised of a summer bridge experience, coaching, monthly community meetings and academic support. This ensures a successful transition to RIT and throughout their RIT career. 

For more information about the Multicultural Center for Academic Success contact the office at 475-4704 or visit our website at