DDI Summer Experience

As RIT prepares to welcome more students to campus this Fall, the DDI Summer Experience will be offered virtually for Summer 2021!

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion’s Summer Experience is a four-week summer academic enrichment-, confidence-, and community-building program that consists of credit-bearing courses, academic enrichment, exposure to research, and pipelines to co-curricular and community service programs.

The DDI Summer Experience serves up to 50 first-year students who have been accepted by RIT and paid their deposit to the university. In our virtual offering, students take one credit-bearing course that is applied to their degree requirements. Once the academic year commences, students will have preferred access to an MCAS Advising Coach, whom they will meet with on a weekly basis to discuss academic progress and services available to support their success. 

Time Commitment

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Due to the virtual offering, all classes are taught synchronously. Additionally, Learning Assistant (LA) Sessions are offered throughout the week, as well weekly time for community activities and one on one Coaching sessions.  

The promise and support of MCAS continues beyond the DDI Summer Experience. Participants have priority in scheduling weekly coaching meetings during the academic year. These meetings are held once per week for students to ask questions and voice concerns to their MCAS Advising Coach. Additionally, the full breadth of MCAS programs and events will be available throughout their time at RIT.


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Coursework – Students accepted into the program will be enrolled in one of four courses: UWRT 150: Writing Seminar, MATH 101: College Algebra, MATH 111: Pre-Calculus or SOCI 102: Foundations of Sociology.

Academic Support Skills – Time management comes down to choice. Good choices lead to better results, while poor choices lead to wasted time and energy. Through an exclusive asynchronous course taught by the Academic Success Center, DDI SE students will learn to accomplish more with less effort, and improve their performance while reducing stress. These learning modules supply students with the skills, tools, and systems that work together to help improve their productivity.

Co-Curricular Pipelines – DDI Summer Experience students will be introduced to a variety of resources that will provide support throughout their RIT experience. DDI SE students are connected to our embedded counselors from CaPS, have space reserved for them on Unity House floor if they choose to move in, enjoy early access to their academic advisors, and have the opportunity to move in early in the Fall. DDI SE students also get the chance to be taught by DDI faculty members in the Fall for their RIT 365 course, as well as get connected to development programs such as McNair and LSAMP, as well as the MCAS Scholars and the MCAS Mentor & Mentee programs.

DDI SE Core Values

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Building a community takes collective effort and tremendous work. All students, faculty, and staff are expected to operate with the DDI SE Core Values in mind: First Impressions, Responsibility, Respect, Academic Excellence, Personal Growth and Community, Humility, Sacrifice and Commitment, Trust, and Legacy. As a true community that is accountable to and communicative with one another, we will build a dynamic and supportive community and experience that is focused on excellence.


RIT’s support for the DDI Summer Experience allows us to offer the virtual DDI SE free of charge to students. Truly, the only cost is your commitment to the program!


All first-year students interested in the DDI Summer Experience must complete an application and schedule a video interview to be considered.


Online Application