Current Faculty and Staff

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion offers programs and experiences for faculty and staff to further their skills to become part of and cultivate an inclusive community.

  • AALANA Faculty Advisory Council

    The AALANA Faculty Advisory Council (AFAC) provides career support and works to promote and retain African American, Latino American, and Native American faculty at RIT. AFAC serves as an advisory council to the Provost.

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  • Advance RIT

    AdvanceRIT is a long-term, multi-faceted program designed to enable all faculty at RIT, particularly women, to contribute their full potential, to increase their representation and retention, and to advance their careers.

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  • Diversity Education Programs

    The Division of Diversity and Inclusion’s Diversity Education Program offers a variety of programs and experiences through different approaches that help students, staff, and faculty at RIT work toward recognizing and developing skills to address cultural humility.

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  • Diversity Theater

    RIT Diversity Theater uses theater based methods for, workshops, initiatives and hands on experiences to explore what it means to successfully cultivate a community rich in diversity and inclusion.

    Programming reaches across the RIT campus and is open to students, faculty, and staff.

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  • Minett Professorship

    The Minett Professorship brings distinguished Rochester-area multicultural professionals to the RIT campus to share their expertise and experiences with students, faculty, and staff. Minett Professors serve one academic year.

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  • MOSAIC Center

    The MOSAIC Center is an inclusive community space where students, faculty, and staff can organize, engage and listen as a community through facilitated cross cultural learning. It is more than just a home away from home, but a truly unique and transformative space on campus.

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  • NTID Diversity and Inclusion

    The NTID Office of Diversity and Inclusion focuses on transforming NTID into a more inclusive and diverse community through engaging offerings.

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  • Office of Faculty Diversity and Recruitment

    The Office of Faculty Diversity and Recruitment works across the university to recruit excellent and diverse scholars and artists to enrich our inclusive faculty community.

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