Diversity at NTID


NTID strives to build a community that values and respects one another by engaging all stakeholders and providing the best learning environment for our faculty, staff, and student success. The NTID Office of Diversity and Inclusion supports this vision by promoting inclusion and diversity through different learning channels with emphasis of the inclusive model of excellence.

Mission statement

The NTID Office of Diversity and Inclusion mission is to transform NTID into a more inclusive and diverse learning community, with emphasis on access, success, and equity by recruiting, retaining, and ensuring success of diverse students, faculty, and staff. NTID recognizes by having a more inclusive and diverse community, there is greatness through differences.

Affiliated Organizations

NTID Diversity Group (NDG)

The NTID Diversity Group (NDG) is a faculty and staff volunteer group committed to promoting the best possible learning, living and working experience for AALANA (Asian, Latino, African, and Native American.) members of the RIT/NTID community. NDG's focus is community involvement, professional development and being a resource for the RIT/NTID community.

RIT Division of Diversity & Inclusion

The RIT Division of Diversity & Inclusion works collaboratively with academic and administrative units to provide a holistic range of services that enhance access and success for historically underrepresented students, faculty and staff, support education and scholarship, and ensure a welcoming, inclusive, vibrant and accessible environment for everyone.

NTID Faculty Fellowship (NFF)

The mission of the NTID Faculty Fellowship (NFF) is to work towards diversifying the faculty by increasing the number of post-secondary STEM instructors and professors from historically ​underrepresented groups who are qualified to teach DHH college students. The program provides qualified Fellows with up to three years of mentored experiences, opportunities, and resources to prepare them for academic careers working with the aforementioned population.

Each Fellow will have an individualized professional development team that will guide their overall career development and success. The program has two tracks: one for those who desire a post-secondary teaching career (lecture track) and one for those who desire a balanced teaching and scholarship career (assistant professor track).

While NTID is particularly interested in increasing the number of STEM faculty from underrepresented groups, candidates from other disciplines offered by NTID are eligible to apply.