NTID Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The mission of the NTID Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to transform NTID into a progressively inclusive and diverse learning community with emphasis on access, success, and equity by recruiting, retaining, and ensuring success of diverse students, faculty, and staff.

Meet Our Team

Executive Team

Alesia Allen
Assistant Vice President for NTID Diversity and Inclusion


Christan Monin
Senior Staff Assistant


Joseph Hill
Assistant Dean NTID Faculty Recruitment and Retention


Thomastine Sarchet
Assistant Professor


Peter Hauser
Interim Associate Dean of Research


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Antiracism and Social Justice Information


NTID Antiracism and Social Justice Plan

Alesia Allen presenting in antiracism video

Equal opportunity is one of our country’s most cherished values, but events here in Rochester and in communities across our nation demonstrate that we have work to do to ensure equal access and opportunity for all. The racism and inequity that exist in our society cannot be ignored.

See NTID's Antiracism and Social Justice Plan



NTID Anti-Racism Scholarship Fund

The deadline to submit a proposal has passed for this term.

The Office of the RIT/NTID President and the Office of the Assistant Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion (OAVPDI) have jointly established a $75,000 Anti-Racism Scholarship Fund as part of the RIT/NTID Anti-Racism Plan. The funding will support up to five projects with budgets of $15,000 or less, and durations of up to two years. All RIT/NTID faculty and staff are eligible to apply for this funding as long as they have support from their supervisors that their project can be a part of their plan of work. Applicants are encouraged to include BIPOC students as active members of the project team. There are two project types: Anti-Racism Scholarship Projects and Anti-Racism Instructional Projects.

Get more information about the fund: NTID Anti-Racism Scholarship Fund

Affiliated Organizations

NTID Diversity Group (NDG)

The NTID Diversity Group (NDG) is a faculty and staff volunteer group committed to promoting the best possible learning, living and working experience for AALANA (Asian, Latino, African, and Native American) members of the RIT/NTID community. NDG's focus is community involvement, professional development and being a resource for the RIT/NTID community.

RIT Division of Diversity & Inclusion (DDI)

The RIT Division of Diversity & Inclusion works collaboratively with academic and administrative units to provide a holistic range of services that enhance access and success for historically underrepresented students, faculty and staff, support education and scholarship, and ensure a welcoming, inclusive, vibrant and accessible environment for everyone.

NTID Faculty Fellowship (NFF)

The mission of the NTID Faculty Fellowship (NFF) is to work towards diversifying the faculty by increasing the number of post-secondary STEM instructors and professors from historically ​underrepresented groups who are qualified to teach DHH college students. The program provides qualified Fellows with up to three years of mentored experiences, opportunities, and resources to prepare them for academic careers working with the aforementioned population.

Each Fellow will have an individualized professional development team that will guide their overall career development and success. The program has two tracks: one for those who desire a post-secondary teaching career (lecture track) and one for those who desire a balanced teaching and scholarship career (assistant professor track).

While NTID is particularly interested in increasing the number of STEM faculty from underrepresented groups, candidates from other disciplines offered by NTID are eligible to apply.

The Randleman Program

The vision of the Randleman Program is to recruit and retain interpreters of color across the field of interpreting. It is fundamental that the interpreting field reflects the unique, diverse, and rich cultural experiences within the Deaf community. By supporting and increasing representation of interpreters of color, we celebrate how the field of interpreting can flourish through cultural competency and diverse perspectives.

International Educational Outreach (IEO)

The mission of the center for International Educational Outreach (IEO) at NTID is to expand education opportunities for Deaf communities outside of the United States by collaborating with Deaf leaders and institutions of other countries to build centers of excellence in Deaf education. International Educational Outreach works to expand research and collaboration opportunities between NTID and international organizations for the Deaf.

Black Heritage Month Celebration Luncheon

People at the luncheonA long-standing tradition in the NTID community, the Black Heritage Month Celebration Luncheon has evolved since its beginnings in the early 1990s. It began as a simple sharing of lunch among a small group of faculty and staff and, as of February 2020, is now a community-wide event with guest speakers. This transformation is the result of the efforts of Johnnie “JB” Brown, an NTID staff member who retired in 2020. You can learn more about the history of the luncheon from this downloadable PDF.

JB is also responsible for the establishment of the Johnnie “JB” Brown Black Heritage Month Celebration Endowment Fund, which is nearly fully funded and will cover all costs associated with the annual luncheon in perpetuity. If you would like to give to the fund, you can easily do so online here.

Diversity Spotlight

Year-round, we spotlight people in our community, whether they are students, faculty, staff or alumni. Click on an image to learn more about the people who make RIT/NTID an amazing place to be.

RIT National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Pride Month Spotlight. Background is a gradient of blue and purple. A vector art of a brown arm holding a pride flag is visible on the far bottom right. Pictured in a purple circle is Anthony Bizzarro, a man with short black hair. Behind the photo of Anthony is a vector of rainbow colors. "PRIDE means visibly being your most authentic self. PRIDE is me being the person I wanted to be." - Anthony Bizzarro '16. Freelance ASL Interpreter. Self-Employed. ASL - English Interpretation, BS."
Anthony Bizzarro '16 (He/Him/His)
RIT National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Pride Month Spotlight. Background is a gradient of blue and purple. A vector art of a brown arm holding a pride flag is visible on the far bottom right. Pictured in a purple circle is Raymond Ramirez, a Dominican man smiling with short hair, wearing a black shirt donned with a red pocket. Behind the photo of Ray is a vector of rainbow colors.  NTID was so friendly, supportive, and inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. I felt right at home." - Raymond Ramirez '15. Operations Coordinator - Workforce Services. Sorenson Communications. Management, BS."
Raymond Ramirez '15 (He/Him/His)
RIT National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Office of Diversity and Inclusion. AAPI Month Spotlight. Background is a gradient of pink to orange. Pictured in a pink circle is Kaylee Willard, an Asian woman with black and purple chest-length straight hair. “I appreciate that we’re able to connect with like-minded people at NTID as well as learn more about other cultures." - Kaylee Willard '22. Accounting Technology AAS." Multiple white circles of different opacities are posted throughout the image.
Kaylee Willard '22 (She/Her/Hers)