NCCC Success Stories

Employers SAY...

"We've had the pleasure of hiring exceptional NTID interns and graduates. This remarkable recruiting success is a direct result of the wonderful relationship we have built with the NTID Center on Employment.Their tremendous assistance, guidance, and support have been invaluable in hiring qualified candidates."

U.S. Government Printing Office

Engineering and Engineering Technology
Robin Alummoottil
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young man, dark skin, glasses, arms crossed, wearing dark blue jacket, standing in front of wall with words Toyota Motor Engineering.

Logistics Control Packaging Specialist

Packaging Science training and co-op experience helped Robin Alummoottil land a job with an internationally known employer.

Communications and Digital Media
Miko Arayata
Degree Level: Associate
Young man standing near sign for Center for Disability Rights, Inc., Regional Center for Independent Living.

Multimedia Designer, Photographer, Videographer

Miko Arayata enjoys using his design skills to create materials that tell a story for his clients.

Business, Management, and Leadership
Corey Axelrod
Degree Level: Graduate
Young man, short brown hair, dark suit, blue shirt, striped tie, standing, tan background.

Director of Marketing

Studies and opportunities at RIT have given Corey Axelrod experience in marketing, product design and management and strategic business planning that he will put to good use as Director of Marketing and Sales for a multimedia company.

Science and Math
Vanessa Bacellar
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young woman, dark hair tied back, wearing white lab coat, blue lab gloves, leaning elbow on lab table.

Analytical Scientist Intern

The NTID Job Fair helped Vanessa Bacellar parlay her Chemistry skills into an interesting co-op for a major corporation.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Keith Banks
Degree Level: Associate
Young man, dark skin, wearing blue cap, multi-colored shirt and red apron, standing in front of tropical looking plants and building.

Quick Service Food and Beverage Co-op

Providing good food and service and making “Every Guest Feel Special” kept Keith Banks smiling and busy all summer.

Computing and Information Sciences
Blake Berry
Degree Level: Associate
Young man, short dark hair, dark shirt, sitting in office at desk, arm extended with hand on computer mouse.

IT Specialist

Indiana native Blake Berry graduated with skills that landed him a job in his hometown.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Anna Bracilano
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young woman, brown hair pulled back, wearing grey sweater and purple multi-patterned scarf, sitting in front of keyboard and computer display.

Community Engagement Coordinator

Anna Bracilano’s minors in Women’s Studies and Criminal Justice were a perfect fit for a job in her home state.

Communications and Digital Media
Jamaal Brown
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young man, dark skin and glasses, standing amid sports apparel.

Sports Journalist

Jamaal Brown parlays his writing skills and his passion for being a reporter into a job in digital media for sports business.

Engineering and Engineering Technology
Lakeishia Brown
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young woman, dark skin, hair pulled back with white hair band, dark blue top, standing in front of poster with rocket and planets.

Product Engineer

Lakeishia Brown’s electrical engineering major challenged her to be more motivated and more persistent.

Engineering and Engineering Technology
Deborah Brown
Degree Level: Associate
Young woman, dark skin, pink top, sitting at computer with blueprints on display monitor.

CAD and GIS Intern

Deborah Brown took her computer aided drafting training to Duke University and brought back valuable experience in the world of work.

Photography, Film, and Animation
Lauren Brown
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young woman, dark skin, short dark hair, brown shirt, while slacks, sitting at office desk holding open book displaying photographs.

Photo Imaging Specialist

The faculty and coursework in the Visual Communications Studies program helped give Lauren Brown the skills and self-confidence to succeed in her chosen field of Advertising Photography.

Computing and Information Sciences
Amanda Bui
Degree Level: Associate
Photo of Amanda Bui, young woman with dark hair, wearing yellow dress and white sweater, standing by Lockheed Martin sign.

Information Technology Intern

Amanda's advice would be to always try your best, communicate, and show the world what you've got!