AALANA Faculty Advisory Council

AALANA Faculty Advisory Council (AFAC) serves as an advisory council to the Provost in support of the career success of African American, Latino American, and Native American faculty at RIT.

The mission of AFAC is to support, retain, and promote the career success of AALANA faculty at RIT.


To achieve its mission, AFAC will:

  • Identify and support effective strategies and activities that promote the career success of AALANA faculty
  • Assist AALANA faculty in finding and developing networks, mentors, and sponsors
  • Promote leadership development and mentoring activities for AALANA faculty
  • Provide support needed for AALANA faculty to be successful through tenure and promotion
  • Communicate and collaborate with other groups concerned with inclusion and diversity
  • Identify the issues that AALANA faculty face and develop actions to address those issues
  • Facilitate awareness among the administration and the university community regarding issues facing AALANA faculty and how to create a more inclusive RIT community
  • Develop an understanding among RIT faculty and administrators of the importance of acting as sponsors for AALANA faculty
  • Work to develop sponsors for AALANA faculty
  • Make recommendations to the Provost on actions needed to address particular issues necessary to create an academic environment that fosters the academic success of AALANA faculty at RIT


“… Mentors are important because they provide you with information, resources, connections and the wisdom of their experiences. But sponsors are people who have power and influence and use it on your behalf to shape the story about who you are (and the importance of your work) behind closed doors when people are talking about you and you’re not there. Sometimes sponsorship occurs in informal settings, other times it occurs in high-stakes review meetings, but rest assured that perceptions of you and your work are being shaped by ongoing conversations.”

- Rockquemore, Kerry Ann (June 3, 2015). Mentors vs. Sponsors. Inside Higher Ed. 

Allofus@RIT: Rising Inclusively Together

Acknowledging a critical need for action within RIT, the mission of allofus@RIT (Rising Inclusively Together) is to co-create with the larger RIT academic community a thriving and inclusive environment for AALANA faculty that supports them in their professional growth and enhances their work satisfaction