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The Office of Co-op and Career Services is comprised of people who are very focused on providing quality service to students, employers, parents, faculty, and prospective students.

Program coordinators, assistant, and associate directors are aligned with particular academic programs. (If you are interested in contacting someone who supports a particular major, select one of the program areas on the left).
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Maureen Arquette
Maureen Arquette
Program Coordinator
(585) 475-5081
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Civil Engineering Technology (BS) (BS)
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) (BS)
Environmental Health and Safety Management (MS) (MS)
Environmental Sustainability Health and Safety (BS) (BS)
Facility Management (MS) (MS)
Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration (MS) (MS)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS) (BS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) (BS)
Safety Technology (BS) (BS)
Lynne Perry
Lynne Perry
Program Coordinator
(585) 475-5467
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Architecture (MAR) (MARCH)
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology (PhD) (PHD)
Biochemistry (BS) (BS)
Bioinformatics (BS) (BS)
Bioinformatics (MS) (MS)
Biology (BS) (BS)
Biomedical Sciences (BS) (BS)
Biotechnology & Molecular Bioscience (BS) (BS)
Chemistry (BS) (BS)
Chemistry (MS) (MS)
Clinical Chemistry (MS) (MS)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (BS) (BS)
Environmental Science (BS) (BS)
Environmental Science (MS) (MS)
Health Systems Administration (MS) (MS)
Hospitality-Tourism Management (MS) (MS)
International Hospitality and Service Management (BS) (BS)
Materials Science & Engineering (MS) (MS)
Nutrition Management (BS) (BS)
Physician Assistant (BS) (BS)
Physics (BS) (BS)
Service Leadership and Innovation (MS) (MS)
Sustainability (PhD) (PHD)
Sustainable Systems (MS) (MS)
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