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Planning Cycle

Annual Operating Budget Planning

Date Event Department
July - September Complete annual financial audit work as it relates to the current year budget. Reconcile enrollment to preliminary budget plan.  Refine departmental operating budgets. Budget Office
Early November Presentation of the Final Operating Budget to the Board of Trustees. Begin discussions on next fiscal year planning. F&A AVP&SVP/Board of Trustees
November Request information from Facilities Management, Public Safety, et al. for Auxiliary preliminary planning Budget Office
December Initiate budget planning process for the the Auxiliaries to produce preliminary budgets Budget Office
January Preliminary planning information due back Auxiliaries
Mid January Next year enrollment estimates submitted EMCS / Institutional Research
Late January thru March Conduct College and Divisional budget hearings Budget Committee / Colleges / Divisions
Early February Preliminary budget planning assumptions presented to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees for approval F&A SVP /  President  /  Executive Committee of Board of Trustees
March & April Budget Committee completes all resource allocation decisions Budget Committee
Early April Approval of next years Preliminary Operating and Capital Budgets F&A AVP&SVP  /  Board of Trustees
Early April Distribution of budget worksheets to departments Budget Office
End of April Non-auxiliary budget worksheets due back to Budget Office Colleges/Divisions
Early May Auxiliary budget worksheets due back to Budget Office Auxiliaries
July 1 Implement Preliminary Operating Budget Budget Office

Estimated timeframes