Student Insurance

Explore the links below and the Summer 2015 Letter to Students and Parents for more information about the RIT student insurance policies:


2015-16 Aetna Student Health Insurance

2015-16 Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance

2015-16 CSI/AJ Gallagher Personal Property Insurance

2015-16 A.W.G. Dewar Tuition Refund Plan

2015-16 Film and Photo Student Insurance Options

2014-15 Aetna Student Health Insurance

Worldwide Travel Assistance (Students)




Aetna Student Health recently mailed letters to all registered RIT students. The letter requested that the policy holder visit Aetna's website to input their social security number. Healthcare reform laws require Aetna to obtain and provide social security numbers for all members who enroll in the RIT student health plan, the "Voluntary" plan. Aetna must make and show proof of three (3) attempts to obtain this member information. Those students who voluntarily enrolled in the 2014-15 Aetna Student Health "Voluntary" Plan can follow the instructions on the letter to provide Aetna with your social security number.

RIT purchases an excess accident policy for all registered students. This plan is not subject to the same ACA requirement. Therefore, if you have not voluntarily enrolled in the Aetna student health policy, you can disregard the notice. It was sent to you in error. Aetna is sending a new letter to explain this error.

If you have further questions about the Aetna letter, please call Aetna Student Health at (800) 466-3185.