Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS)

MCAS Summer Bridge Program

The Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS) Summer Bridge Program offered its first courses in August 2003. The Summer Bridge is a four-week summer academic enrichment, confidence and community-building program that consists of credit-bearing courses, enrichment education, exposure to research, and pipelines to co-curricular and community service programs. The Summer Bridge Program accepts 40 students and is available to first-year students who have been accepted by RIT and paid their deposit to the university. Once the academic year commences, students will have preferred access to an MCAS Advising Coach, whom they will meet with on a weekly basis to discuss academic progress and services available to support their success.

Please understand that all students in the MCAS Summer Bridge Program are required to participate in all scheduled workshops, events and activities during the program. Some of the scheduled activities include field trips, team building exercises and recreational/social outings.

All MCAS Summer Bridge participants are required to participate in weekly meetings during the academic year. These meetings are held once per week for students to ask questions and voice concerns to their assigned MCAS Advising Coach.

All MCAS participants are required to participate in the MCAS Peer Mentor Program. Each student will be assigned an upper-class mentor who they will meet with throughout the year. Students will also be required to participate in all workshops, community service and meetings associated with the MCAS Peer Mentor Program.

Students accepted into the program will be enrolled in Writing Seminar and one of two credit bearing courses, either Math or Foundations of Sociology.

Academic Support Initiatives Time management comes down to choice. Good choices lead to better results, while poor choices lead to wasted time and energy. These initiatives supply students with the skills, tools, and systems that work together to help improve their productivity. The students will learn to accomplish more with less effort, and improve their performance while reducing stress.

Co-Curricular Pipelines – MCAS Summer Bridge Program students will be introduced to, a variety of support programs such as TRiO and CSTEP, be introduced to undergraduate research through McNair and LSAMP, and explore Asset-Based Community Development through a partnership with RIT University/Community Partnerships. HOUSING Participants in the MCAS Summer Bridge Program are offered housing in a residence hall on campus. Each participant will share a double room with a roommate.Students are not allowed to leave residence hall rooms between11:00pm and 7:00am.

All meals are provided by the Program, with meal cards being issued during check-in. Students will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a RIT dining facility during the week. Cooking any meals in the residence hall rooms is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, and microwave ovens. There will be microwave ovens available for use in the lounge areas of the residence halls.

There will be an afternoon orientation for students on move-in day that parents and families are encouraged to attend. At the program’s conclusion, families are invited to celebrate their student’s success with the MCAS family at the Summer Bridge Closing Banquet.

All students participating in the MCAS Summer Bridge Program are required to adhere to all RIT policies, procedures and regulations as well as local, state and federal laws. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the residence halls, regardless of age. MCAS Summer Bridge Program participants are strictly forbidden from consuming alcoholic beverages and/or using illegal or controlled substances, including prescription drugs not prescribed to the student during the MCAS Summer Bridge. Violators will immediately be suspended from the Program without waiver or compromise.

The MCAS Summer Bridge Program is a fully comprehensive and inclusive opportunity which provides students with room, board, programming, and the tuition costs for 6 credits:
Tuition $7,986
Food $756
Room $635
Books $250

Although valued at $9,627, the total cost to families is only the $400 registration fee. Additionally, families with a demonstrated need may submit a plea for assistance in order to receive a reduction in cost.
All first-year students interested in the MCAS Summer Bridge Program must complete an application, phone interview, and submit the $400 registration fee by June 1st.

Further inquiries can be directed to the Summer Bridge Program Coordinator, Jonathan Ntheketha at