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Contact Us

RIT Information Security Office

Location Information Security Office Ross Building 10-A201
Mailing Address 151 Lomb Memorial Drive Ross 10-A201 Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY 14623-5608 Phone: (585) 475-4122, (585) 475-4123 Fax: (585) 475-7920

Staff Directory











Jim Moore
Senior Information Security 

Forensic Investigator

Ross 10-A202

Fax: (585) 475-7920

Ben Woelk
Policy and Awareness Analyst

Ross 10-A204

(585) 475-4122
Fax: (585) 475-7920

Paul Lepkowski
Information Security Engineering Manager

Ross 10-A200

(585) 475-6972
(585) 475-7920

General Inquiries Ross 10-A201 (585) 475-4123

Support Contacts at RIT

The following organizations support the general community at RIT. Some colleges and departments have their own support organizations. In those cases, you should contact your local support organization first. Depending on the issue, your systems administrator may direct you to a different organization.



ITS Service Desk (everyone)

Gannett Building (7B), Room 7B-1113 Voice: (585) 475-HELP TTY: (585) 475-2810 Submit an online help request to for more information visit

Resnet (on-campus residents only)

Nathaniel Rochester Hall (43), Room 1034 Voice: (585) 475-2600 TTY: (585) 475-4927 for more information visit

Information Security Council Contacts

Click here for the complete list of individuals in the Information Security Council