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The Center for Religious Life is more than a campus facility or building. It is a place – and a space – for quiet prayer and community laughter, of meditation and pizza dinners, of choral concerts or students playing guitars, or just hanging out to play the pianos in the chapels. It is a place of personal and community exploration within the diverse and rich religious, cultural, and spiritual traditions of our campus community.

You are welcome here! All are welcome here! Each day and each week individuals, communities, and congregations gather in this place to study or talk, worship and pray, visit and share. Students come in to the chapel to pray, or stop in the chaplains’ offices to visit, or just find a quiet place to think and reflect.

Our years in college are an exciting part of a journey of self-discovery. With your friends, family, and instructors, we hope to be a part of your personal journey and college experience and discover that life is a gift from God, full of mystery, challenge, wonder and celebration.

We hope RIT’s Center for Religious Life becomes an important place for you and others in the journey toward growth and fulfillment.

We’re glad you will be part of our journey as well!!!

CRL Staff

CRL Office - 475-2135
CRL Student Desk � 475-5932