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A Parent Guide to Student Conduct on College Campuses

When students are accused of non-academic misconduct at RIT, they are processed through the RIT Student Conduct System. Based on a system of fundamental fairness, the conduct process holds students accountable for their behavior, and looks for alternative ways to educate our students about community expectations.
The Center also provides students a variety of conflict management alternatives, including

RIT Mediation Services, Restorative Conferencing and Conflict Coaching.


  • A fair adjudication process for responding to student behaviors
  • A learning experience for those students found to be responsible for conduct which is determined to be in violation of institutional and community standards
  • Protection of the relevant rights of students
  • Education for students regarding appropriate behaviors, coping skills, ethical development, personal integrity and living effectively within a campus community
  • Educational activities that serve to prevent violations of campus regulations
  • Access to an alternative means of dispute resolution through the use of trained Mediators, Conflict Coaching and Restorative Conferencing
  • Resources for the Institute community regarding student behavior and conflict management
  • A safe learning/living environment for the Institute community

Quality Service Statement

The Center for Student Conduct will provide the RIT campus community:

  • Fundamental fairness during all aspects of the Student Conduct process
  • Prompt response to all allegations and reports of student misconduct
  • Educational outcomes and learning experiences for students found responsible for violations of the RIT Code of Conduct
  • Programming, training and consultation to the RIT community on topics of student behavior, RIT policies and procedures related to student conduct, and information about nation and local campus trends
  • Prompt response to parent, student, faculty and staff inquiries by phone, email, U.S. mail and personal contact
  • Respect and humaneness in all interactions with students
  • Adherence to the RIT Student Conduct Process as documented in the RIT Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
  • Consultation, guidance and referrals to assist individuals and groups with positive management of conflict
  • Access to highly skilled and competent Mediators who will help facilitate a confidential, ethical dispute resolution process
  • Individual support and education in the area of conflict coaching
  • Meaningful resolution for those affected by student misconduct in the Restorative Justice process
  • Support, assistance and advocacy for students who are participating in the RIT Student Conduct process
  • An environment which embraces all forms of diversity

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