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Shared Content

RIT Web developers are encouraged to make use of already existing RIT branded text, photography, and video content: it is simple, reduces development costs, and aligns with RIT’s branding messages. The writing, media, and design of these existing assets has been reviewed and approved by many people who are knowledgeable about RIT’s brand message and look. The three departments listed below are major sources of existing RIT branded assets.

The Office of University Publications collaborates with all RIT colleges and many divisions and departments across campus on the design and development of RIT’s official publications. It, along with ETC Production Services, contracts with many colleges, divisions, and departments in the design and development of official RIT websites. University News Services (UNS) provides ongoing news content and photography for RIT’s official websites.

Sources for existing content

The Office of University Publications

The Office of University Publications produces most of the official print publications for RIT, including the prospectus, college viewbooks, bulletins and RIT Alumni Magazine. Text, as well as most images, may be reused from these publications.

In addition, the Office of University Publications has made available a variety of RIT logos and stock photography for official RIT use.

University News Services

University News Services constantly creates news content related to various units on campus. News feeds are available by individual college, division, category, and specific content type to automatically display on your site.

ETC Production Services

ETC Production Services produces many official videos and websites across campus. It also is a repository of RIT photography available for use.